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Having a thorough data backup plan is essential for every business – because the last thing you need is to worry about losing all your important records. With nearly every business moving to electronic records, your data is the lifeblood of your business. Our job is to protect it and keep it available to you at all times.

In a recent IT survey on data backups, more than half (53% to be exact) of the organizations surveyed revealed they do not conduct daily backups. IT admins indicated the biggest reason for not backing up data every day is that it’s not an efficient use of their time, according to nearly one-third (32%) of respondents. Nearly one-quarter (23%) of IT admins said backing up data that frequently is “not necessary” or that there’s “not much data” to backup.

We don’t believe that data backup is not necessary, and we definitely think it’s worth the time! Your business data is vital to your every day operations, and losing that data can be catastrophic.

With our Managed IT Services, backups take place throughout the day so you can have quick restoration of critical files if it becomes necessary. Off-site duplication of backup data in real-time protects your data from catastrophe and hardware failure. We can restore entire servers in minutes – not hours or days. And today, with cloud technology, data backup is faster, easier, and your store data is more accessible than ever.

You simply can’t take the chance of losing important data – and we don’t want you to.

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