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Business Owners who don’t want to think about IT, who don’t want to deal with IT, and who want a professional IT company to ensure they are always secure and connected, come to Block5 to manage all their IT needs.

At Block 5 Technologies, we realize it’s not enough to simply understand technology. We also understand exactly what it means for you. Our sole focus is Information Technology; the things you depend on each day to keep business flowing. Servers, workstations, handhelds, network gear. It’s all we do and we do it well.

For years, IT Solutions Providers have been capitalizing on poorly designed networks, servers and workstations. The more your systems crash, the more you spend to fix them. The only people who benefit are the ones fixing them.

We think differently.

By charging a fixed monthly fee, we have a powerful incentive to proactively keep your systems running smoothly. If your environment is dependable, everyone wins.

We take a vested interest in your business, and literally become part of your staff when you bring us on as your IT company.

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